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Rain, Rain, Go Away - May 19th, 2020


Too cool and way too much rain for this late in May. We want and need rain for our gardens, but not this much and especially not when it is this cool.

Most vegetables like hot and moderately dry weather to perform well. Tomatoes are going to just sit and do little growing during cool, rainy weather like we are having this week. Most other vegetables are going to perform about the same.

One problem with this amount of rain, if your soil is not well drained some drowning may occur. Newly planted, shallow rooted plants do not need a lot of wet soil or water standing around the roots of the plant. If you see plants start to wilt during wet weather you can assume the plant is drowning. Unless the soil dries out quickly the plants are not likely to recover.

Cool weather with plants remaining wet create ideal conditions for fungus diseases and insect problems to pop up. By the time the sun comes out and the plant is dry enough to apply fungicides and insecticides damage may have already occurred. Hopefully the plants are still young enough to grow out of these problems.

Maybe, the biggest problem of all will be with direct seeded crops such as corn, beans, melons, squash etc. If the seed are in the ground but have not germinated, they may swell and rot. What I expect to see with direct seeded crops is that no more than fifty per cent of the seed will be viable enough to germinate. The balance will have rotted in the ground.

If my guess is correct a lot of reseeding will have to be done. In itself this not a problem. Crops may be a little irregular, harvest may be a little later but in the long run no it will not matter. Dealing with Mother Nature is always dicey. We are at her whim. She determines, sunshine, rain, and temperature. We can apply all the fancy growing methods out there but never forget Mother Nature is boss.


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