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Container Fertilization - June 29th, 2020


More and more people are growing vegetables, flowers and even shrubs and small trees in containers. I personally enjoy container growing. Containers allow me to use plants where and when I can enjoy them. When they are in bloom, I move them where they can be seen and when they finish blooming, I can relocate them and put something else out for show.

With that said caring for container grown plants is much different than caring for plants grown in ground. Plants in containers need a continuous supply of nutrients. Each time you water some of the nutrients are removed from the pot as it drains. A good rule of thumb for watering containers is that when you put a gallon of water in the pot, you should be able to catch a gallon of drainage within about 20 minutes. This also removes nutrients from the soil.

Generally, nutrients should be replaced about every six weeks. If the potting mix you use contains fertilizer, some mixes do some don’t, then your first application of fertilizer should be about six weeks after the plant is potted.

There are many different types of fertilizer that can be used. Pellets sprinkled on top of the soil breakdown when you are watering. A regular liquid feed works well. You can buy liquid feeds or make your own. Read the label on the fertilizer package and follow directions.

As with most gardening subjects I could go on for many pages or maybe a book. Even after reading all that you still have to learn by doing. Experiment, some things will work and some will not. You can only learn to garden by gardening.


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