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All Stirred Up September 4th, 2018


I read an article yesterday in an old respected gardening magazine discussing the 10 most dangerous plants to your cat.  The premise of the article was that these plants might kill or make sick your cat.

If that’s the case let me point out if they will harm your cat they will harm other pets as well as your children and you.  I don’t know of a particular plant that will hurt a cat that won’t hurt other animals.  I am not going to get in the particular plants this article named but most of them are common plants that have been around for years.

One plant that was not named and this was surprising to me was a poinsettia.  I owned a garden center for almost thirty years and we sold lots of poinsettias every Christmas and every year a few people wouldn’t buy poinsettias because they had heard they would harm their cats.  I did interviews with WSET several times explaining this was not true.  WSET had local doctors on explaining that they were not harmful to cats.

The truth, is that the with juice that comes out or a poinsettia might sting a little if you get it on your skin.  The yellow seed like in the bloom is bitter if you want to taste it.  According to the poison control center some years back a 50 pound child would have to eat about 350 leaves before he would become seriously ill.  That means a 10 pound cat would have to eat about 70 leaves.  That is several plants.

I think most if not all the plants in this magazine article fall into this same category.  Too much of anything can be harmful but I wouldn’t worry about common houseplants or yard plants.

If you have a question call a reputable Veterinarian or Doctor. You can find information on line but I would trust it no further than I would trust the magazine article I read.  Remember, no one is checking what I write and no one is checking what others write.



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