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Partly cloudy with rain
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Fall Maintenance Tips

Gary's Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips for FALL

  1. Mowing will continue for a few more weeks.  I like to make a last cutting in mid-November.  This leaves the grass looking well cut for the winter.
  2. If the lawn is thin, now is the time to over seed.  The sooner the better.  Do not just toss your seed over the laawn and expect to get a stand of grass.  Fescue seed needs soil contact to germinate.  The best method of getting good germination is to apply seed then aerate, with a core aerator.
  3. Fertilizer, lime and seed can all be applied the same day.  Do not try to mix them in the same spreader.  They are different size pellets and different weights so they will not spread evenly if mixed together.
  4. Seeding should not be done at least 30 days before or after applying a herbicide.
  5. As perennials die back the tops should be clipped.  If there is any sign of disease or insects on the tops I would not use them for compost.
  6. Leaves should be removed from lawns and beds at least weekly.
  7. If shrubs need a late pruning it can be done in the fall.  Remember, spring blooming materials has already set bloom so if they are pruned now you wil lose next spring's blooming.
  8. Now is an excellent time to replace dead or damaged shrubs.  It is okay to plant shrubs and trees any time of the year that the soil can be worked.
  9. Fall is an excellent time to apply lawn fertilizer.  We strongly recommend a 3 step fall fertilization program.  Step one is an application of 16-4-8.  Step two would be an application of 28-4-8 and the third application of 40-0-0.  Allow 6 to 8 weeks between applications.  If you are late starting the program you will be okay if the last application is down by the end of January.
  10. Continue to weed beds on a monthly basis through the winter.



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Plant of the Week - Broccoli



Of the Cabbage family 
High in vitamins A & D 
Grows best during the cool seasons of the year (Spring & Fall)

Plant of the Week - Cauliflower



Of the Cabbage Family
More difficult to grow than Cabbage or Broccoli
Sensitive to the cold but the heat of the summer is not good for Cauliflower either


Plant of the Week - Cabbage



Hardy vegetable that grows especially well in fertile soils
Various shades of green, as well as red or purple
Tolerant of frosts
Cool-Season Garden Vegetable


Plant of the Week - Mums



*Often called Mums or Chrysanths

*Bloom early September-late October

*Full Sun

*Plant in slightly acidic garden soil

*Height 4-36 in. & Width 12-36 in.

*A wide variety of Bloom Colors



Plant of the Week - Pansies



**Cool weather flower
**Heart Shaped, overlapping petal
**Bright colors, bi-colors or face-like centers
**Full sun to partial shade
**6 - 9" H, 9 -12" W
**Bloom Spring to early summer.
**Repeat bloom in fall throughout winter


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