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Partly cloudy with rain
Partly cloudy with rain
Maintenance Tips for February

Gary's Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips for February

  1. Continue to keep leaves and debris out of beds.
  2. Shrubs and trees should be checked for damage after a snow or ice storm. 
  3. Now is the time to trim dead tops off liriope, hosta and other perennials that die back during the winter.  Dead tops are unsightly and offer winter harbor for insects and disease.  This should be completed by the end of the month as new growth will start as soon as the weather begins to warm up.
  4. Deciduous shrubs should be sprayed with a dormant oil late in the month.  This should be completed before any new growth might appear.
  5. Now is an excellent  time to take a lawn soil sample. Soil samples are the only way to be certain nutrient requirements are being met.  Take separate samples from problem areas and flower, perennial or shrub beds.
  6. A day too cold to be outside is an excellent time to plan for your Spring garden.
December 2016 - Time for Reflection

Time for reflection. 2016 brought many changes to our family. As most of you are aware by now we sold the store on June 30 of this year. Much of the community was surprised by the sale and probably no one was more surprised than myself and Nelson. We had not really considered selling the store. It was a family business, Gary 3 was finishing college in December and coming back to work in the business, I was getting ready to step aside and let him and Nelson take over the business. We even spent a good bit of money on remodeling the store over the winter.

Things change, however, in early March a young man asked if we would consider selling the store. It was not the first time we had been approached about selling and truthfully we didn’t give it much thought. He came back in a few days and at that we said we would think it over. The third time he came back we decided he was dead serious.

Nelson and I sat down and took a long look at what it would mean for the family. An easy way out for me and a comfortable retirement if that was what I choose. The buyer wanted Nelson to stay but he would only have to work about half the hours. When we had it an 80 hour week was routine. Gary 3 was going to be most hurt. It meant he would have to job hunt in totally different areas.

Without going into all the details everything seemed to fit. The offer was fair and all the details seemed to fall into place. it all just worked and everyone both buyer and seller thought it was a good deal all the way around.


Six months later we still think all things considered it was best for everyone. Nelson is still there and business is being done as always. There have been some minor changes and I am sure some more will be made. But most of them will be improvements not anything to drive shoppers away.

I am out of the business but not really retired. Keep your eyes open I may turn up somewhere. Bagging groceries, I did that many years ago, greeting at Wal Mart or doing some consulting on my own. Maybe I can get paid for all the questions I have answered over the years for nothing. Just as long as I don’t have to go play golf the world is good.

Gary 3 has completed college with a degree in Business Administration and is in the job market. If you know of anything let us know.

With all that said it has made for an exciting 2016 in all our lives. In summary it has been a good year but a busy one.

Now from all of us a heartfelt thanks to our customers and friends. The Forest community has been good to us.




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Plant of the Week - Roses


Start your Roses off right by making sure you grow them in a good spot.  
Roses do best in full sun (at lease 6 hours of direct sun each day)
and well drained soil that's rich in organic matter.

Plant of the Week-Azalea


  • Azaleas are called "the royalty of the garden."   
  • Azaleas are easy to grow. 
  • Azaleas come in a wide range of colors.
  • Azaleas will not tolerate alkaline soil and prefer a rich acidic soil with a PH level from 5-6.
  • The roots of azaleas need to be kept cool and moist, but not wet.
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