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March - Planning For Vegetable Gardens!

Planning For Vegetable Gardens!


Spring is right around the corner and we are all ready to get out and start planting. Many retailors already have in stock seed potatoes, onion sets and vegetable seed.  They will be stocking cold crop plants shortly.  We are going to try and offer tips and videos to help you to be more successful with your vegetable gardens.  Whether you are trying vegetable gardening for the first time or are old pro at the game we think we will have some tips that you can use.

What I would tell you whether it's your first try at gardening or you are an old pro not to bite off more than you can chew. As you start to plan look first at how much time you have to spend in the garden.  The other important thing to use in planning is how much space do you have that offers good soil, light and drainage for a garden.

A garden can consume a lot of time and if all you have is weekends ask yourself do you want to spend a few hours each weekend in the garden or do you want to spend the entire weekend in the garden. What will you do if it rains all weekend?  When will you catch up?

I have seen to many of our customers try to overdo the time they had and plant in soil and light that was not appropriate for vegetables and soon the garden was taken over by weeds and grass and some stuff was not growing and finally they just give up.  They then decide to give up or try some of the new fads in growing.  Things like square foot gardening, raised bed gardens, planting in straw bales and other new ideas.  Believe me, none of these new fads answer the two points I raised above.

In general, a vegetable garden should be in full, all day, direct sunlight.  The soil should be well drained and loamy. Running your rows so they run north to south will help with the light problem

Another consideration before you start is spacing and layout of the garden. If space is limited you may want to stay away from things like melons and pumpkins.  Think about how many plants it may take to produce enough crop for your family.  Make sure you plant things the family likes and will eat.

I once had a neighbor that decided to grow tomatoes.  She bought six tomato plants, planted them, diligently tended them, ended up with some of the nicest tomatoes you could want.  Never harvested the first one because nobody in the family liked tomatoes.  They all rotted on the vine while my mouth watered.

Below is a chart of some of the vegetables more commonly grown with suggestions for space requirements and depth of planting.




One quick comment all of these measurements are approximate.  A few inches one way or the other is not going to matter.  When I plant I dig a trench and drop seed in and it works just fine.  When planting potatoes and onion sets I don’t worry about setting them with the top up or how far apart they are.  They know which way is up and distance apart is not all that important.

Just have fun when you garden.  Don’t let it be a burden.

If this info is helpful lets us know.  We would like to think we are doing some good.


Plant of the Month: Paperwhites

(Narcissus Tazetta)

The "Just Add Water" Plant

Popular indoor plant for winter and the holidays.

Paperwhites do NOT require a chilling period.

Frangrant flowers blom in about 3 weeks.

Can be planted in soil outdoors but are commonly grown in pots or dishes with some stones or marbles to anchor them in place and a little water.




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Plant of the Week - Cauliflower



Of the Cabbage family.

More difficult to grow than Cabbage or Broccoli.

Sensitive to the cold but the heat of the summer is not good for Cauliflower either.

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