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Partly cloudy with rain

We are well into the transition from Summer to Fall, although the weather is still warm.  No frost of significance so far.  One morning a few people saw a little on roofs and some bare areas. Most days still in the 70s and 50s at night.  Really past time for some serious frost.  It will come just be patient.

Now is a good time to get the jump on Winter by cleaning your beds, clipping dead and damaged growth out of your shrubs and applying mulch.  As perennials die back the dead growth should be clipped out.  The dead growth is a perfect spot for insects and disease to over winter and the dead growth is unsightly.  When new growth emerges in Spring you don’t want the old growth still there.

Now is a great time to plant shrubs and trees.  On the other hand, choices may be limited.  We want to sell as much as we can in the Fall, but we also do not want a lot of inventory to carry over the Winter.

We continue to get requests for sod.  At present we have not brought any in for several reasons.  One -  it has been so warm and sod has a very short shelf life.  Once we receive sod the shelf life is only about 48 hours or less.  This means if we bring in sod on Friday morning it should be sold and installed by Saturday night.  If we carry it over the weekend it has started to rot by Monday morning.  As many requests as we get we sell very little of the product.  Once we explain if you cant grow grass from seed you cant grow it from sod this stops a lot of customers from using it.  Number two -  you still have to prepare the ground as if you are going to seed.  Third - once you put down sod you have to water heavily for several weeks meaning several hours a day for the first two or three weeks.  With all this said most people will be successful using seed than sod.

Check out my Fall Maintenance Tips for other ways to prepare and maintain your lawn and landscaping.

Fall Maintenance Tips 2014

Gary's Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips for FALL

  1. If you have not been feeding the birds for the Summer it’s time to clean up the feeders and get them ready for the long feeding season.  Natural food won’t be available again until late Spring.
  2. If you have houseplants outside it’s time to bring them in.  I like to take a garden hose and wash them good, let them dry and then spray with an all purpose insecticide before bringing them inside.
  3. Any newly seeded lawn area should be kept clear of leaves.  Leaves piled on the new grass will smother the lawn.  Remove the leaves carefully or you will pull up the new grass.
  4. By now most Summer containers look pretty rough and are ready to be tossed.  Plant containers with pansies mixed with some bright cabbage or kale for Fall/Winter color.
  5. Watch for that first frost with a little cover the season for some annuals and some late vegetables can be extended several weeks.  Remember don’t cover with plastic use old sheets or blankets, etc.
  6. You will likely have to mow the lawn a couple of times in order to leave it even and tidy for the Winter.
  7. Now is a good time to prune most shrubs.  Do not prune Spring bloomers such as azaleas or rhododendron.  Spring bloomers already have their buds and if you prune now you will be cutting off next Springs bloom.  Prune those as soon as they finish blooming.
  8. Now is a good time to replace dead or damaged shrubs.
  9. Now is a good time to clean beds for the winter.  Leaves and debris left in beds make good cover for disease and insects to over Winter.
  10. If you are following the 3 step fall fertilization program it should be about time for the second round.  If you want to do the 3 step program it is still not too late to start.


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Plant of the Week - Mums



*Often called Mums or Chrysanths

*Bloom early September-late October

*Full Sun

*Plant in slightly acidic garden soil

*Height 4-36 in. & Width 12-36 in.

*A wide variety of Bloom Colors



Plant of the Week - Pansies



**Cool weather flower
**Heart Shaped, overlapping petal
**Bright colors, bi-colors or face-like centers
**Full sun to partial shade
**6 - 9" H, 9 -12" W
**Bloom Spring to early summer.
**Repeat bloom in fall throughout winter


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