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Partly cloudy with rain
Partly cloudy
March Weather - Cool and Wet

MARCH WEATHER - So much for an early spring...

Well March weather has done it to us again. A mild winter, actually warm and pretty February, now March has shot us a curve.  Just when we were in the mood to plant a wet and cool March showed up.  At least we did not get the snow.  Not all that many years ago we had snow on the ground the entire month of March.  We had 3 pretty good snows and the month was miserable...


As an old country boy my guess is the next few weeks will be on the cool and wet side.  People are chomping at the bit to get outside and work in the yard and garden.  While it might be fun to be out there no time is being lost.  It would be nice to plant a few cold crop vegetables but there is still plenty of time.


You can plant early if you want but not much is going to happen until soil temperatures warm up.  Even lawn seed does not do much in the way of germination until the actual ground temperature gets to about 65 degrees.  Not the air temp but the soil temp.


All we can really do is wait it out.  When Mother Nature gets ready the sun will come out, the soil will warm up and gardens will be prolific.


Betcha that in less than 30 days you will hear someone complaining about how hot it is and wondering if it will ever turn cool again.  All the years I was in grounds maintenance and the garden center business within 48 hours of a weather change someone was wishing it would change back. No one is ever satisfied with the weather.


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Plant of the Week - Broccoli



Of the Cabbage family 
High in vitamins A & D 
Grows best during the cool seasons of the year (Spring & Fall)


Plant of the Week-Azalea


  • Azaleas are called "the royalty of the garden."   
  • Azaleas are easy to grow. 
  • Azaleas come in a wide range of colors.
  • Azaleas will not tolerate alkaline soil and prefer a rich acidic soil with a PH level from 5-6.
  • The roots of azaleas need to be kept cool and moist, but not wet.
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